30 Apr 2018

Hacking Nexus 2012 into a Slick Linux Terminal

MIT Licence Open Source Love

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I am writing this article on my newly minted Nexus 2012 (in 2018:-) , using the touch screen keyboard, in vim , on Termux to prove to myself that terminal without a physical keyboard is a reality . And probably the future. Since this is the first time for me using terminal on Nexus and I hardly understand the intricacies of Android; have no back ups, I am committing this post to github every time I finish a writing session . So it will be edited at least thousand times live.

A word about the post - The tools for rooting , flashing ROMs on Android have come a long way. And are well documented on internet. The problem now a days is not that of scarcity of tools . It is , in fact, that of abundance. In this post , rather than giving step by step instructions , I want to focus on the rationsle of my choices. And in doing that, I want want to reflect on the rich Android eco system of open source development . Truth be told , I still use an iPhone for my work as much as I use Windows . But , during course of building this Nexus , I am getting to a point where I might switch both my work and life to Android .

Here is the outline of the things to cover

What is a custom recovery, why do I need it and how to get one ?

What is a custom ROM , why do I need it and how to get one ?

Do I need Google Apps ?

FOSS Appstore - Can I live with it?

The Slick Linux Terminal and some more ..